Module 2 Introduction

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Introduction to Module 2

I hope your first week of classes went well for you. I think it's always good to get that first week behind you. As you may have realized from reading each other discussions, I believe that you are all new transfer students.

I've enjoyed reading your introductions and seeing the images you chose to post. You have much to contribute to our class discussions and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and gaining your insight.

We are moving on to Module 2. This week, we will be exploring two skills- goal setting and planned happenstance. Planned happenstance, as you'll read about it, is the idea and practice of keeping your eyes open and following up on chance encounters and events that you experience. It is acting on opportunities that come your direction rather then locking yourself into your original plan. Many of you have already touched on chance events that led you to coming to the UMN. Not everything that happens to us is planned and sometimes it's those unplanned events that can have the greatest impact. They all lead us to where we are today. In my video blog I will talk about a chance event that led me in a direction in my life.

The other topic is quite different from planned happenstance and it's goal setting. Learning a systematic process for setting goals can be a very effective way to get what and where you want in life. The S.M.A.R.T. goal setting process has proven to be a useful way to set goals both personal and professional goals.

Your discussion this week will focus on planned happenstance. As you are reading the articles this week, think about the following questions:

• How do you make the most of those unplanned opportunities that present themselves to you?

• What can you do to tune into "planned happenstance" and how does it relate to careers?

This is a busy Module and there are a couple additional activities I'd like you to pursue this week. I'd like you to take a look at GoldPass. It's the University of MN online tool for learning about jobs, internships, Career Fairs, etc. You'll need a resume to use the system fully. This week I'd like you to submit your current resume into our Moodle site. We will revisit your resume later in the semester. You'll be given resources and assistance to help you create a polished resume.

Finally, your Biol 2001 Contract is due on Sunday, September 18th. Within your contract, you need to list the six Student Choice Activities you will complete during the semester.
Student Choice Activities are intended to be information sessions, extra readings, workshops and participatory experiences that are of your choosing. You'll find suggested Student Choice Activities listed in Module 1. Choose from this list or suggest other activities that you think would be more helpful. I want to see you get involved in campus life, take advantages of resources, gather information, and stretch yourself to do activities that you might not find the time for otherwise. Remember, 2 of the 6 need to be ones that require you to "get out of your comfort zone". Ones that require you to interact with others to complete.

One option for a student choice activity is to meet with me sometime during the semester for about 20-30 minutes. I would love to have the opportunity to talk with you about what you're thinking, answer any questions you might have and to serve as a general sounding board. We can use that time to discuss your career direction or any other career related concerns or questions. Just drop me an email with your availability and we'll find a time to meet on the Minneapolis campus.

Looking Ahead to Module 3
You will need to have your StrengthQuest code for Module 3. I am told that if you purchase the StrengthQuest code through the UMN bookstore it is $11.50 while if you go online at it is $12.50. So, save yourself a $1 and buy it through the bookstore!

Again, assignments and readings can be found in the Agenda for Module 2.

Have a great week!


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