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March 6, 2007

Accessin Shibby Easy - Week 8

Accessibility should be the key component to any website in my opinion! I prefer simple layouts, simple text and less graphics when I want to get information. Keep certain sites for sweet graphics, or if you're going to have lots of graphics use them in an orderly fashion that allows for the content to be easily had. For our websites, they should be extremely accessible because they are most likely viewed by a huge base of viewers. Yeah I guess thats all I have to say...

Digitizin the Billboards - Week 7

WHY WOULDN'T YOU USE DIGITAL BILLBOARDS!? I guess I haven't seen to many but the concept makes sense! Especially in terms of saving materials, like paper for instance... If there were more digital billboards, you could readily update your ads whenever you wanted. Granted some people might use these for displaying pornographic ads, which should be restricted to certain places where minors may not see these adds (simple solution to problems by me). I think big paper billboards are a thing of the past, and why the hell are we supposed to be diverting our attention from driving, does that make sense!? Keep em simple in high pedestrian traffic areas, I don't see why the rules for them should be so strict. Just make sure they are in the right places, and economical.

Good Web Fonts - Week 6

Well as you can see I'm trying to catch up with my blog entries for class... But anyways diverting from that! What do I think are good web fonts? Well obviously the first thing you should consider is the readability, if you can't read it, chances are no one else can. There are certain tried and true fonts that work well so stick to those. Think about browsers and other people using your website, there are only so many fonts that you can use in all actuality. Frickin Verdana, for all your sans-serif needs, and frickin Times bla bla for all your serif needs. These are the fonts that most comps have, like macs and pc's. Anything else you see thats crazy is probably graphics in the page. Well thats all I have to say about that, make it look cool, keep it simple, and you website will shine.

Bloggin bout Kiosks - Week 5

Yeah, I can't really remember any kiosks that I've used recently. The only one I've really seen and can remember in the last few months was the kiosk that Tony, Paul, and others were working on for the Solon Center. I thought it was a really cool idea to have something like that in the school. It just made me imagine having them all around campus to direct you to wherever you may be going. I think it would be applied better in a bigger campus maybe, but it definetly has its uses here for new students. I thought the design was very clean and easy to use, and the technology used in it is very intriguing. I want touch screen everything because interaction is about touching in my opinion and the mouse click is not as tactile. I think people really want to use their hands its a part of being human, and the more interfaces that allow you to interact with your hands in an easy fashion to get information, the better. Bring on the new technology!!! Bring it ON!!!