October 7, 2008

Final Thoughts

Wow...I'm still trying to process everything we covered. It is funny, now that we've covered some of these topics, I find them coming up in staffing meetings and other times Extension Employees are together. I see us really trying to figure out how we can use some of this technology to make life easier! The Google Docs is very useful as are some of the communications ideas. I'm keeping this site bookmarked so I can come back and refresh my memory when I say, "I remember them telling us something about how to do this...I wonder what it was?!" Thank you to everyone who helped get this training going. I know I needed it!!

September 29, 2008


As I started going through this lesson I started thinking about ways I could actually use webcasts. In my head I had them as conference things or large presentations. Now I'm thinking about ways to hold meetings with the other PC's in my region when we can't get together in person. How about for sharing Powerpoints where you want to talk about the content? Brainstorming on brochures for regional events? There are smaller uses then what I had in my head. I find myself refering back to these different lessons on a weekly basis as I think up ways to use them and go back to refresh my mind!

September 22, 2008


Such a simple topic...with so many different uses!! Again, working in a county office this becomes increasingly difficult. They seem to fear technology enough that they won't allow us near it. They are so concerned about us not getting our jobs done because we're using these tools that they don't allow us the benefits from them!! Very frustrating. However, I loved learning about some of the technology beyond IM and other chatting tools. I wish I had more opportunities to put this to use daily.

September 15, 2008

Social networking

I think there are endless possibilities between 4-h and social networking. We are, afterall, directly connecting to kids! However, this is one of the major areas where UofM clashes with county I.S. departments. As long as we are using county systems, we are greatly hampered with using a social networking site. I would love to see social networking as a project area where we could give lessons on web deisgn, etc!

September 9, 2008


Podcasts are still uncertain territory. I'm not sure how often I would use them in every day life. However, it is fun seeing what is out there to use. You never know when you'll be in the middle of a project and remember back to a tool you never thought you'd use and find a need for it! It will be intersting to see how these develop as technology goes past podcasts into more complex presentations.

Productivity Tools

This week was stuff I think I can really use! (now if only there was one to find the entry I started for this that randomly disappeared. That's a function I could use!!) I liked Zamzar. There have been many times where I have needed to change a format but had difficulty doing it because I couldn't download anything onto a county computer. I also am interested in Google Docs. I have a presentation I'm developing with another Program Coordinator and I think this might be a good way to work on things. I took a look at the slideshow website too. I'd be interested in how that would simplify posting powerpoint presentations after a meeting. I would like to try Picnik but think I might have to jump through some county hoops to do it.

September 5, 2008


Okay, wikis are going to take some getting used to. I'm still a littl euncertain about using them but I think that will come with practice. Might be a good resource for sharing 4-H documents we've created so others can edit them and share ideas.

Photos and Videos

This year we ran into a problem this year with sharing photos from summer camp between offices. I can't email that many photos and they didn't have time to wait for a CD to be burnt. If the county allows us to use Flikr that would be a good way for another county access lots of photos at one time.

August 14, 2008


Okay, I got logged into Newsgator. That was the one my county server would let me access. This is going to take a little practice to get comfortable with. Still wondering how it will work with county access but so far so good.

August 7, 2008

First blog

Okay, I'll give this a try. This is going to be an interesting challenge combining Extension trainings with county limitations on computer use.