Jesus & I: The Metaphysical Claims of Religion

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One would have to concur without question that metaphysical claims are quite appealing in terms of God. Indeed, they may not be scientifically established nor tested in a laboratory setting whatsoever, but they are persuasive and can oftentimes prolong international incentive for love or even for hate (war). I do not have knowledge of any extensive scientific or archaeological evidence of biblical artifact for that matter.


However, my research has led me to believe that God is more of an idea or theory rather than an actual. "God," from a Christian standpoint, is an omnipresent power, an almighty power; he who cannot be wrong. One cannot praise any other artifact nor worship anything other than God according to Christian belief. I was raised in a Christian family and must admit to belief of God, but do not have belief in much more due to anti-metaphysics. Metaphysics came across quite interesting; like many other things in our psychology textbook (No goody-two shoes intended) I found this to be quite truthful and applicable to human nature.


Since the early ages of philosophy, humans have been wondering the question of why we are here among many other things. Similar to our brains filling in pieces of an obstacle illusion, religion filled in the gaps of confusion thousands of years ago, and since then nobody has successfully done anything about it. After all, it isn't hurting anyone right? This is debatable of course and really cannot be answered right or wrong, but religion is not the only metaphysical claim in existence. "The meta-physician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, e.g., existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility.

Certainly one would think and dream of possibilities of life on other planets. If science has persuaded metaphysics in anyway, it would have to be stating the fact that humanity will never travel outside the galaxy. I am not saying this is impossible, but extremely unlikely. I have thought about traveling faster than light, but it is more of a dream than an actual thought per-se. Metaphysics has applied to my life through all of the ways mentioned, I do not dissuade the notion of meta-physiology. In a way metaphysics is another simple way of explaining our existence; perhaps, metaphysics will be proven correct one day. Like most religious people I have met in my life say, it is not about the proof, it is about the belief. Such a claim has led me to investigate internet article videos such as

and articles such as &

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