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All about Airfoils

Are you (or your students) looking for information about NACA airfoils? You can find the classic reference book on the topic, Theory of Wing Sections by Ira H. Abbott and Albert F. von Doenhoff, in the Reference Room on the second floor of Walter Library (call number TL672 .A2). The Google Books preview below will give you a pretty good idea of what you can find there. Or look at a full screen preview here.

If you want to see the data for NACA's original wind tunnel tests on a number of NACA airfoils, take a look at this report published by NACA in 1933:

Jacobs, Eastman N.; Ward, Kenneth E.; and Pinkerton, Robert M.: The Characteristics of 78 Related Airfoil Sections from Tests in the Variable-Density Wind Tunnel. NACA Rep. 460, 1933.

Like most NACA and NASA technical reports, you can find it online at the NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS). Click on the report's title to see a link to a PDF.