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Programming Books from the Library

Last week I got to put on my programming hat for a couple of days to help with a Google Maps/library catalog mashup some of my colleagues are putting together. I'm using new-to-me tools and knew that an O'Reilly book or two would help me get up to speed. I suppose I could have found what I needed at Amazon or the University book store, but why do that when I can get what I need immediately through the library?

Because such books tend to become obsolete so quickly, we don't collect the hard copies here. Instead, we provide access to electronic versions of books from publishers like O'Reilly, Que, Addson-Wesley, and others through Safari Books Online. As new editions come out and new technologies emerge, we can adjust the collection to match the needs of our users.

You can get to Safari Books Online from the SciEng home page. Just look under Electronic Books.