Apollo's Impact

I have to admit that one paragraph of Neal Justin's Star Tribune piece on the moon walk as great television got under my skin. Justin, 17 months old at the time of the moon landing, writes:

It's possible that many of my generation and younger ones will treat today's anniversary with a mighty shrug. Where exactly did those moon landings get us? It's not as if the astronauts discovered the cure for cancer up there or brought back some scrumptious new cheese. And when will we be able to spend spring break at the Sea of Tranquility?
I doubt anyone reading this blog would shrug away the space program, but just in case you'd like a refresher on some of the technologies developed through the Apollo program, here are the links I emailed to Justin:

How Spaceflight Sparks Spinoffs, from the Associated Press via MSNBC.

Apollo's Contributions to America, from NASA's Spinoff publication.

Tang? No. But I'll take improved kidney dialysis, water purification, and a global communications system.

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