Aerospace Artistic Endeavors


One bright side of our recent cold, rainy weather: When I walk to the West Bank, I get to take a look at how different groups on campus express themselves. Every year, groups can sign up for a panel along the Washington Ave Bridge shelter's inside walls. This year's AIAA entry caught my eye--especially the disclaimer at the bottom.


The Aerospace majors of my era weren't known for our artistic ability, either, but a couple of weeks ago I was reminded of a classmate's flash of inspiration. My niece must have dug pretty deep when raiding her dad's closet, and came up with an AIAA t-shirt I'd given him in about 1985. My friend Nick put together the design--younger readers need to understand that this was back in the Bloom County days, when Opus was funny. The design got a lot of traction on campus, probably the first AIAA shirt to sell widely outside of the AEM department.

No, we didn't get into copyright trouble. As I recall, we were just naive enough to worry more about what Burt Rutan would think of another shirt that featured the Rutan Voyager than about Berke Breathed.

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