November 2010 Archives

week from Monday I'll be shifting my work responsibilities for a short time. Goodbye, lists of books to buy or not buy; hello, lists of learning objectives and instruction scripts. (Oh, and sweats and slippers and my tranquil home office.)

I've been granted a "mini-leave:" Six weeks to focus on a specific project that I probably would never have found time to do alongside my regular responsibilities.

I'll be creating a series of short online tutorials targeted at new graduate students in engineering and computer science. I hope that the set of tutorials will be customizable for different departments, or even different labs. The tutorials will be loosely organized around the common types of literature depicted in the sketch below. 
FindingYourWay-HubPrototype.jpgStudents can use the tutorials to learn:

  • What a particular type of literature is: Who creates it, why they might use it, and where they can find it
  • How to use different tools available through the Libraries or on the Web to find what they need
  • Which specific journals, conferences, or repositories they need to be familiar with in their field of research 
I'm going to try to use this long-dormant blog to document my progress and gather feedback as I develop prototypes.

So is this something that would be helpful to you, or would have been when you started your graduate education? If so, let me know in the comments.