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Formatting Your Dissertation in Microsoft Word

Over the last couple of years, librarians who teach workshops have made a point of trying to capture at least one recording of a workshop on video so that people who can't attend a workshop have some way of getting the instruction they need. These recorded workshops have been quite popular. In particular, students have viewed clips of the Formatting Your Dissertation (or Thesis) in Microsoft Word workshop hundreds of times.

When the time came this winter to record a new version to match the current version of Microsoft Word, we decided to take a different approach. This workshop is particularly "modular" and students often need help with just one or two things at a time. We'd previously handled that by cutting up the recording into pieces and posting each piece in a section of our Moodle page. This time around, we've created a set of tutorials that match the workshop in content, but are designed for individual computer-based instruction. Each describes a Graduate School formatting requirement or a Word feature you're likely to need and allows you to click the right menu and dialog box selections to format a sample document.