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Getting to full text off campus (Library Hacks)

When you're on campus, getting to the full text of articles licensed by University Libraries is easy: Most of or providers recognize the U of M IP address and you're in. But off campus can be different. You can, of course, log in using the VPN. But if you haven't, and you're on a publisher's site, you might see a prompt to pay for content that we already have. 

You can always back all the way out, go to the Libraries home page, find the journal or publisher in one of our A-Z lists, and find the article all over again. But we have another solution that's much quicker.

Go to the Libraries Tools page and click on the Add the Proxy Bookmarklet for Off-Campus Access link under Browser Tools. Drag the Reload via U of M Libs button up to your browser toolbar. That's it.

Now, next time you're confronted with a pay wall or login prompt, click that button. The page you're on will reload through the Libraries proxy, and you'll be prompted to log in with your U of M Internet ID if you haven't already. Assuming we really do have access, you'll be able to download the full text.

And if we don't have access? That's another Library Hack. Stay tuned...