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umlibs_logo.jpgWith a renewed focus on the first-year experience, a strong emphasis on capstone and design projects in the senior year, and renowned graduate programs, the Institute of Technology is committed to producing well-rounded students with a skill set that includes critical thinking, managing and synthesizing scientific information and data to create and effectively communicate new knowledge.

To help you and your colleagues more fully integrate these skills into your courses and curriculum, the University Libraries invite you to an intensive one and one-half day seminar.

A $250 honorarium is offered to those who participate.

Through presentations, small group discussion with colleagues, and individual consultations with science and engineering librarians, you will...
  • Reflect on teaching practices and assignments to improve your students' ability to  navigate the literature of your field, critically evaluate information, turn data into meaning, and effectively convey new knowledge
  • Explore issues around scientific scholarship, including publishing, copyright and open access to help prepare students to negotiate the publishing world themselves
  • Consider strategies for managing your data and be able to advise UROP students and members of your research group on this topic
  • Learn how to keep up with the literature and increase your productivity with information gathering and organizational tools

When: Wednesday, May 19, 2010, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Thursday, May 20, 2010, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. There will also be a short follow-up meeting in late fall.

Where: 101 Walter Library

Space is limited. Please fill out the registration form below by Monday, May 3. You will receive a confirmation email in early May.

Questions? Please contact Kate Peterson (, 612-626-3746)

Apollo's Impact

I have to admit that one paragraph of Neal Justin's Star Tribune piece on the moon walk as great television got under my skin. Justin, 17 months old at the time of the moon landing, writes:

It's possible that many of my generation and younger ones will treat today's anniversary with a mighty shrug. Where exactly did those moon landings get us? It's not as if the astronauts discovered the cure for cancer up there or brought back some scrumptious new cheese. And when will we be able to spend spring break at the Sea of Tranquility?
I doubt anyone reading this blog would shrug away the space program, but just in case you'd like a refresher on some of the technologies developed through the Apollo program, here are the links I emailed to Justin:

How Spaceflight Sparks Spinoffs, from the Associated Press via MSNBC.

Apollo's Contributions to America, from NASA's Spinoff publication.

Tang? No. But I'll take improved kidney dialysis, water purification, and a global communications system.