Journal Entry 1 - 4/27/10

Today started out a bit slow. I don't have class until noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I decided to be a bit lazy and watch TV for a couple of hours - Supernatural :) After that, I was actually very productive for the rest of the day. My first class of the is Ceramics, and for 2 hours I spent it glazing my projects. And I'm still not done, I still have one more project to glaze by Friday. This evening was spent by completing homework, I had a lot finish, but now i am pleased that I got my Graphic Design history project done. Which is the reason why I went to bed past midnight and forgot to post this entry.... For this assignment we are supposed to journal about our experiences day to day..Im having a feeling that they are supposed to coincide with each other, Hmm...what to do, Since my lifeisnt too exciting ...but I did have an idea to listen to a different song each day, in a different style and not only record that, but then represent how it helped me while studying as well as the style, in an icon. The icons will be representative of my emotions from this music.
I've been playing around with some different fonts, for now, I think I've settled on Helvetica Bold as my choice.

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