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Journal entry 8 - 5/4/10 and 5/510

Last Journal entry! I didn't get to this last night, because I ended up crashing at 9 pm cause I diid not feel well. Oh and might I mention that i woke up at later than I wanted? Sleeping for 10 hours totally wasn't supposed to happen, but it did (unfortunately). which means I didn't get anything done last night, which sucks :( So that means I didn't get any of my card roughs done, not even one, and even though I had every intention of getting up early to do so, but I couldn't motivate myself to. Oh, well, they arn't due til Tuesday, so I know that Ill will be turning in quality work then. I would rather turn in QUALITY work, instead of "BS" something just to say I have something, you know? So since I didn't feel well last night, I didn't do the music thing last night, so yep :p But I guess that emotion is still something that i can turn into an icon :]

So my icons: They are going to be representations of my emotions, based on listening to a diferent type of music each day whilst studying. On the back I will be describing what the image represents.

Journal Entry 7 - 5/3/10

More Studying. Class and that is what I've been up to today, nothing really exciting. I figured that I would finish off this week strong, so I'm keeping myself busy with homework and such. This time, with the music, I had 2 different settings that I was working with. Firstly, I listened to dance music most of the day. I know not a good choice for studying seemingly. But like I said, I did 2 different type of homework today: working in the studio, and then studying and doing review for exams(which is what i am doing right now) But, as i found out, listening to dance while in the studio was great (it also blocked out the weird music that was playing in there to begin with :D). It put me in a real good mood, and I got so much done! On the other hand, not such a good choice for book studying, as I get distracted easily, so I am finding that I spacing out more, and going from studying, to Facebook/twitter,(ADD ME!! :D ok...distracted, sorry) bathroom break, more Facebook, then studying for a minute, etc...So in essence a journal entry that I could have had done 10 minutes ago I'm still plugging away on. Bleh.
Some songs: "Stamp on the Ground" and "Love is on Fire" by the Italobrothers, "the Riddle" by Gigi D'agostino, "Despre tine" by O-zone and "Too much of Heaven" by Eiffel 65

Journal Entry 6 - 5/2/10

Today, I was busy all day. My mom came up to duluth today to take Some of my stuff back home that I don't need, which will help when moving out next week. Wow, I can't believe the semester is almost over, seems like it was yesterday that We were attending the first day of class....time does fly by when you are busy/ having fun
Now Im just at home, unwinding, watching tv with my roommate and drinking tea, getting ready for one more week of is good :)
I didnt have much homework that I worked on today, but I still listened to music. This time I listened to my one of my favorite genres, Trance. I find it very uplifting as well as calming. A good thing to fall asleep to! oh yeah, Trance music is usually mistakenly referred to as "techno" by most people.....that bugs me! :p
Songs: "Imagine" by Armin Van Buuren, "Sun in the Winter (Alex M.O.R.P.H remix)" Max Graham feat. neev Kennedy and "In Silence" Randy Katanai, to name a few!!!!

Journal Entry 5 - 5/1/10

I forgot to post this yesterday, oops :[ I really didnt have anything eventful happen. Just hung out all day and and then spent time with friends. First we went shopping at Target, then thae evening they came over to my place and we enjoyed snacks and movie, then later a game of apples to party game, ever! Bring out the rock!!!! I'm listening to my favorite band, Breaking Benjamin right now. They are AWESOME! I even had the opportunity to see them in concert at the DECC in January...oh yeah Im seeing them again at the end of this month when they come through the cities. SO EXCITED!!!! Not exactly the best study music however :p
Song: Give Me a Sign and Diary of Jane, both by Breaking Benjamin

Other than that, nothing else is new. Anxious for school to be done, of course.......

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