Journal Entry 7 - 5/3/10

More Studying. Class and that is what I've been up to today, nothing really exciting. I figured that I would finish off this week strong, so I'm keeping myself busy with homework and such. This time, with the music, I had 2 different settings that I was working with. Firstly, I listened to dance music most of the day. I know not a good choice for studying seemingly. But like I said, I did 2 different type of homework today: working in the studio, and then studying and doing review for exams(which is what i am doing right now) But, as i found out, listening to dance while in the studio was great (it also blocked out the weird music that was playing in there to begin with :D). It put me in a real good mood, and I got so much done! On the other hand, not such a good choice for book studying, as I get distracted easily, so I am finding that I spacing out more, and going from studying, to Facebook/twitter,(ADD ME!! :D ok...distracted, sorry) bathroom break, more Facebook, then studying for a minute, etc...So in essence a journal entry that I could have had done 10 minutes ago I'm still plugging away on. Bleh.
Some songs: "Stamp on the Ground" and "Love is on Fire" by the Italobrothers, "the Riddle" by Gigi D'agostino, "Despre tine" by O-zone and "Too much of Heaven" by Eiffel 65

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