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A Response to: "The Astonish Me Problem"

I really enjoyed this collection of posters, ads and other design works. The use of optical illusions in graphic design is very interesting and effective to draw someones attention in. These days it is harder to grasp someones attention, I think that images need to be fun and eye-catching. Like I mentioned, there were a lot of interesting examples, and my favorites were the 2-D images that looked 3-D.

One of my favorites was the "Red Monarch" Film poster, which depicts an image of Stalin with a tomato on his nose. The tomato looks 3-D.
I also enjoyed Shigeo Fukuda's work. The article states that Fukuda's "ability to create simple graphic shapes that twist and turn in front of our eyes make him one of the world's finest exponents of optical graphic design". I do have to agree. His work consists of very simple shapes, and a limited color palette, but even then he creates many intriguing optical illusions.

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