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The role of a parent

Parents are supposed to guide thier children into adulthood. They are to teach them how to survive in the world. I feel that there are a lot of parents today who neglect that responsibility and who feel that their children's only job is to have fun...fun is important but children also need responsibility. I don't have children of my own so some would say that I don't know anything about parenting...and perhaps I don't, but I do know what it is like to be a kid. It involves a lot of growth and there were times in my teens when I did not get along with my parents at all. I was very headstrong and independent....not such great things when you see the world through foggy glasses. But my parents thankfully were strong enough to help me through those times....they never gave in or gave up and I truely believe that is what has allowed me to grow into a responsible adult, who respects her parents. I know it has to be hard to tell you children NO and to take things away, but sometimes you have to be the bad guy for awhile to be the good guy in the end. As a parent you can not always side with your child because sometimes children don't see the world in its full effect...with consequences. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy to keep your children from hurting themselves. There are no rules to parenting....but maybe their should be some guidelines...and I really think that all parents should have to go to parenting classes at various times during their child's life. Since there is no guidebook, parents need to be able to admit that they don't know what to do and they need to be receptive to advice from others, because sometimes those outside the situation can get a better grasp on what is going on. I am dissapointed with some of the parenting that I see today, but there is nothing I can do because you can't tell someone else how to raise their kids...people just aren't receptive to that. I just want parents to think about their children's happiness in the long run....sometimes what makes them happy today won't make them happy in the end. Children look to their parents for guidance and as a parent you have to be there to help steer your child in the right direction...for without direction children get lost in an unforgiving world that they are not prepared to handle. As a parent stay true to your beliefs and be straight forward with your children...if you say they are grounded for a week from something hold true to that...because kids know how to manipulate and they are very good at pulling on your heartstrings, but you need to see through that and tell them..."someday you wil thank me for this". That is what my parents did for me and it is probably the only thing that helped me from heading down the wrong path in life. Although we don't always see eye to eye, I have a tremendous amount of respect for them, and I always know they will give me their frank honest opinon whether I like it or not, and I like that. Our relationship now is open and honest and there is mutual respect and I can truthfully say that my parents are one of my best friends. So be a parent who gives guidance and hold true to your word and in the end you just might be able to be your kids best friend.