October 29, 2006

Entering November

I saw my parents last night. Everytime I see them, it makes me think about the large amount that my life has changed in the last three months. I am a freshman and it seems like everything in my life has been moving for the last resix months. There were IB exams, graduating, leaving my friends to work as a counselor at a Spanish immersion camp, leaving my friends at camp, a brief week at home, and then college.

College. I am finally here. Actually, I've been physically here for a while. But right now, I feel as though I am entering a new "here", a period adjustment and limited understanding about how this large university and the life of a student within it works. I am finally figuring out that "midterm" often just means an exam, how to study in the library instead of overly-comfortable chairs at Coffman, and where to print for free.