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For my media content analysis, I looked at and

The corporations' websites feature their menus and the services they offer. Both also show health statistics about their products. The writing evident is a lot of public relations work describing the companies' history, communities they are located in, advancements in technology such as the green movement and the companies' values. I was actually very surprised at how similar the two sites were to one another both in levels of content and styles.
I think these sites lead to news stories about their nutritional substance, as it is very easy to find on the websites. It could also lead to something about the companies' histories when an anniversary of the corporation or a specific location's anniversary of being in a community is upcoming. Lastly, I could see possible stories about their technological advances and how those are affecting the consumer, as readers would likely be interested in those types of information.
The information appeared to be very biased where it could be. Obviously the nutritional facts are what they are, but the writing pieces all shed very positive light on the individual corporations.

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