North Dakota student shoots himself after making apology to class


A high school freshman made an apology and shot himself in front of his class Thursday morning in North Dakota, Richland county authorities said.

The boy was coherent as an ambulance took him to a Minnesota hospital, Principal Jay Townsend of Fairmont Public School told CNN.

The boy, whose name and age were not yet released, did not harm anyone else, Townsend said to the Associated Press.

Fairmount mayor Jon Nelk referred called it a "tragic day" for the community.

"It's going to shake up the community for a long time," he told the AP. "The city's prayers and thoughts go out to the young man and his family and friends."


I know it's tough to get used to rewriting in your own words, but do the best you can. Don't just copy the words of the article. We're looking for your synthesis of the news item. GG

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