Week 2 Analysis: Story Progression

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The story I chose for this analysis was the Associated Press's article covering Dish Network's settlement with Cablevision and AMC.

The reporter in this story summarized the important elements of the story by stating the location, companies involved and what they accomplished in the first paragraph.
The reporter the specific details of the deal, giving dollar amounts and exactly what the deal means over the next two paragraphs.
The reporter goes over a brief history of the issue to show the context of the situation.
The article points out the channels popular shows that will now be available again due to the agreement in the next paragraph. The author explains exactly when the channels will again be available to consumers.
Two of the final three paragraphs give quotes from both sides, showing their opinion on the occurrence.

I think the reporter's progression of information is effective. It begins with the resolution and then talks about the issue so people can understand the circumstances of the event. I like how the article shows how the agreement will affect consumers decently early in the article. That information is what's important to the readers. I also like how the quotes from both sides are buried at the end. The quotes obviously need to be in there, but they are lower than usual because they are not of interest to the reader and these quotes are very generic as both sides want to act as though they love the deal they came up with and that it's fair.

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Pretty good effort on this analysis, Jace.

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