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Mac production to return to U.S.

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Apple will begin to produce Macintosh products in the U.S. again, starting in 2013, CEO Tim Cook said Thursday, the San Jose Mercury News reported.
Complete production was taking place in China, Reuters said.
It is unknown exactly which products will be produced in the U.S., but it is expected to be a substantial amount. Apple is putting $100 million into the project, Reuters reported.

Minnesota Orchestra reports record deficit

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The Minnesota Orchestra reported a $6 million operating deficit Thursday for the 2012 fiscal year, the largest deficit in its 110 year history, the Star Tribune reported.
The losses doubled from the 2011 deficit, the Pioneer Press reported.
The near future does not appear bright for the ochestra either. The musicians have been locked out for 10 weeks and performances are cancelled through the rest of the year, the Pioneer Press said.

T-Mobile introduces Apple product plans

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T-Mobile will begin carrying Iphone coverage in 2013, the company announced Thursday, the Huffington Post reported.
"We are going to launch Apple products and we're going to do it in a very innovative way," T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere said, PC Magazine reported.
T-Mobile was the last major U.S. carrier without Apple's products.
"It was very clear that a certain number of customers wouldn't come to the store if we didn't have the iPhone. There was a definite churn impact," Legere said.

Itunes 11 now available

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Apple released Itunes 11 Thursday, PC Magazine reported.
Apple planned on releasing the newest version of Itunes in October, but delayed the release due to "engineering difficulties", CNN said.
Since 2001, Itunes has added apps and television shows, as well as serving as a platform to manage multiple Apple devices.
"In other words, iTunes has become a bloated, slow, unwieldy mess," CNN's Christina Warren said.

B.J. Upton signs with Braves

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Outfielder B.J. Upton agreed to a five-year contract Wednesday with the Atlanta Braves, MLB.Com said.
The deal is worth $75.25 million, the Tampa Bay Times reported.
Upton played for the Tampa Bay Rays organization since he was drafted second overall in the 2002 MLB draft, the Times said. Upton ranks second in Tampa Bay history in games (966), hits (910) and stolen bases (232).

Wal-Mart workers to strike Black Friday

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Wal-Mart workers around the country are planning to walk out on Black Friday, The Examiner reported.
An employee-led group called "Making Change at Wal-Mart" said protests are expected in cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C., the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
Wal-Mart does not appear ready to budge on the issue. Spokesperson Kory Lundberg called the tactics, "just another exaggerated publicity campaign aimed at generating headlines to mislead," the chronicle said.

Monster cited in death reports

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Monster Energy Drinks have been cited in five death reports this year, according to reports filed to the FDA.
The reports could possibly have aided in Monster's fall in the stock market. The California-based company fell 14% in the market Monday, losing all gains from this year, Businessweek reported.
The reports were released after a Maryland mother requested them following her 14-year-old daughter's death. The girl's death was linked to heart issues and the girl's mother reported her daughter drank the Monster drink of consecutive days before her death, Businessweek said.
"Monster does not believe that its beverages are in any way responsible for the death of Ms. Fournier," the company told CNN Money. "Monster is unaware of any fatality anywhere that has been caused by its drinks."

Week 2 Analysis: Story Progression

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The story I chose for this analysis was the Associated Press's article covering Dish Network's settlement with Cablevision and AMC.

The reporter in this story summarized the important elements of the story by stating the location, companies involved and what they accomplished in the first paragraph.
The reporter the specific details of the deal, giving dollar amounts and exactly what the deal means over the next two paragraphs.
The reporter goes over a brief history of the issue to show the context of the situation.
The article points out the channels popular shows that will now be available again due to the agreement in the next paragraph. The author explains exactly when the channels will again be available to consumers.
Two of the final three paragraphs give quotes from both sides, showing their opinion on the occurrence.

I think the reporter's progression of information is effective. It begins with the resolution and then talks about the issue so people can understand the circumstances of the event. I like how the article shows how the agreement will affect consumers decently early in the article. That information is what's important to the readers. I also like how the quotes from both sides are buried at the end. The quotes obviously need to be in there, but they are lower than usual because they are not of interest to the reader and these quotes are very generic as both sides want to act as though they love the deal they came up with and that it's fair.

Electric-car battery maker files for bankruptcy

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Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems Inc. filed for bankruptcy Tuesday.

As part of the deal, the company will sell its remaining assets to fellow competitor Johnson Controls, the New York Times reported.

A123 benefitted from the stimulus program the Obama administration put in place for electric car companies.

Republicans were quick to attack the President's policies after hearing of A123's filing.

"A123 is yet another example of President Obama gambling with taxpayer dollars and picking winners and losers in the green energy world," Sen. John Thune of South Dakota told the Los Angeles Times.

Attacking President Obama's support for green energy is a clear talking point for the Republicans during this election season. Mitt Romney addressed the issue often during the first presidential debate.

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