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Analysis- data sets

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For my data sets analysis, I used the following article

The author uses data sets from standardized placement tests given out by universities across the country. The article points out the high number of Florida high school students that are scoring low enough on these tests to require them to take remedial courses at the college level. It talks about how these numbers are much higher than the national average, which points out a problem with the high school system. For analysis, the author develops a few steps the Florida school system should take in order to better prepare their students for college and graduation.
To do this reporting, the writer needed the ability to locate and access these records, as well as interpret the data and separate it out to determine what numbers were national averages and what numbers were coming specifically from the state of Florida. The writer used no graphics or interactive tools in the article to display the data, which was disappointing. Though the disparities were all clearly written out, I feel as though a graphic would have had a larger impact on the reader.

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