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Mac production to return to U.S.

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Apple will begin to produce Macintosh products in the U.S. again, starting in 2013, CEO Tim Cook said Thursday, the San Jose Mercury News reported.
Complete production was taking place in China, Reuters said.
It is unknown exactly which products will be produced in the U.S., but it is expected to be a substantial amount. Apple is putting $100 million into the project, Reuters reported.

Earthquake hits Myanmar

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An Earthquake hit the shores of northern Myanmar Sunday morning, killing as many as 12 people, the Associated Press reported.
The affects of the quake escalated when the Ayayawaddy-river-crossing bridge collapsed, injuring 15, Xinhuanet News said.
Initial reports show damages to 102 homes, 21 religious buildings, 48 government offices and four schools, the AP said.

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