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Minnesota Orchestra reports record deficit

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The Minnesota Orchestra reported a $6 million operating deficit Thursday for the 2012 fiscal year, the largest deficit in its 110 year history, the Star Tribune reported.
The losses doubled from the 2011 deficit, the Pioneer Press reported.
The near future does not appear bright for the ochestra either. The musicians have been locked out for 10 weeks and performances are cancelled through the rest of the year, the Pioneer Press said.

Ben Revere traded to Phillies

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The Minnesota Twins traded outfielder Ben Revere to the Philadelphia Phillies Thursday, MLB.Com reported.
The Twins received right-handed pitcher Vance Worley and another pitching prospect, the Pioneer Press said.
The move comes just six days after the Twins traded outfielder Denard Span to the Nationals, the Pioneer Press said.

Minnesota Wild goalie diagnosed with MS

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Minnesota Wild goaltender Josh Harding contacted numerous teammates Wednesday to inform them of his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, the Pioneer Press said.
"I don't look at this like I've got to take a new path," said Harding, 28, drafted 10 years ago by the Wild and months off signing a new three-year contract, the Star Tribune reported. "This is a little bump in the road. I've had lots in life."
Multiple sclerosis is "an incurable autoimmune disease in which the body randomly attacks and eats away the protective lining of his nerves and causes them to scar. It causes problems with balance, fatigue and blurred vision. There are 25,000 new cases diagnosed in the United States every year," the Star Tribune said.
Harding hopes to keep moving forward and expects no sympathy.
"I feel good," Harding said. "I've been skating for a couple of weeks, three or four times a week. I still have a little bit of a way to go, but I'm definitely on track," he told the Pioneer Press.

Adrian Peterson ran for 153 yards and a touchdown Sunday to help the Minnesota Vikings take the division lead with a 21-14 win over the Arizona Cardinals in Minneapolis.
The Vikings defense held the Cardinals' offense to just two scores and cancelled out one of those in the second quarter when Minnesota safety Harrison Smith returned an interception for a touchdown, reported the Associated Press.
The Vikings needed every yard from Peterson today, as Christian Ponder struggled in the passing game. Ponder threw two interceptions in the game. He has turned the ball over seven times in the last three games, the Pioneer Press said.
Minnesota next faces the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night.

Sources Analysis

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The article I am analyzing is about an apparent homicide and it comes from the Pioneer Press. Here is the link.

Most of the information given comes from a police report and other facts of the situation attributed by the police spokesperson, who obviously appears to be a credible source, though they are never directly quoted.

The only person directly quoted is a man who attended church with the deceased woman and is familiar with the area. His quote is not one stating fact, just giving his opinion of the area's atmosphere.

I think the way the information is given with the available sources was effective. The stats and "guts" of the information surrounding the incident is given at the beginning, which is most of what people want to know and they want it from a credible source. Referring to the church goer for reaction to the incident is a good way to show how the community is responding, as some people are interested in that as well, though it is a little less important.

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