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Two winners in Powerball lottery drawing

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Two people, one from Missouri and one from Arizona, are new multi-millionaires following Wednesday's Powerball drawing, the Associated Press reported.
The two still unknown winners will split the record-breaking Powerball jackpot, valued at $587.5 million, CNN said.
The winning numbers from the drawing were 5, 23, 16, 22 and 29, and the Powerball was 6, CNN said.
The winners have 180 days to claim their winnings.

Analysis- Numbers

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For my numbers' analysis, I used the following link about tuition freezes

The reporter in this story used numbers to show the rise in tuition over the past four years, as well as a comparison between the percentage rise across the nation versus universities in a few areas proposing the freeze. Other uses include percentages of funding from states that some universities have lost. To show the amplitude of those cuts, the article shows the actual amount of dollars that Arizona's universities have lost, $400 million. An actual number was also used to describe the amount of debt the average college graduate holds after high school.
The reporter's numbers are framed fairly well in my mind. The percentages sometimes can appear to be deceiving, as we do not know the general numbers that these percentages are coming from, but comparing the percentages from one state to a national average is a good utilization of the numbers. I liked the actual numbers and when they were used. Using them on the average student debt and the amount Arizona universities were having cut is an effective strategy because readers then understand the magnitude of what is happening.
The sources used all appear to be very credible on the issue. The sources include the Iowa Board of Regents President, the U.S. Department of Education and the University of New Hampshire Board of Trustees Chancellor.

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