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Former President George HW Bush stable in hospital

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President George HW Bush is in the hospital for Bronchitis-related complications and is in stable condition, the hospital said Thursday, Reuters reported.
Bush, 88, has stayed at Houston's Methodist Hospital for the past six days. He has a "lingering cough", spokesman Jim McGrath told CNN.
"President Bush has been in and out of The Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center being treated for complications related to his bronchitis," Bush's office said in a statement released by the hospital, Reuters reported. "He is in stable condition, and is expected to be released within the next 72 hours."

Donald Trump not sorry for post-election rant

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Donald Trump stands behind his Twitter comments made Tuesday following Barack Obama's re-election.
Trump's "tweets" criticized the electoral college, called the election a sham and even called for revolution, reported.
Trump is not concerned with his critics.
"The fact is that there's a large group of people who like Donald Trump and what Donald Trump says. I have no regrets," Trump said to Bloomberg Businessweek, Atlanta Black Star reported. "I've been well-received. I will have way over 2 million Twitter followers shortly."

Mitt Romney has moved within three points of President Obama, a Star Tribune poll showed.
The poll shows Obama at 47 percent, with Romney at 44 percent. The president was a full eight points ahead of Romney as of last month, The Washington Post reported.
The poll maintained Obama's advantage with women and Romney's advantage with men, CNN reported.
Both candidates have recently bumped up their ad campaigns in the state, though Obama's party does not think Minnesota will be a problem for the president, an advisor told the Post.

Electric-car battery maker files for bankruptcy

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Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems Inc. filed for bankruptcy Tuesday.

As part of the deal, the company will sell its remaining assets to fellow competitor Johnson Controls, the New York Times reported.

A123 benefitted from the stimulus program the Obama administration put in place for electric car companies.

Republicans were quick to attack the President's policies after hearing of A123's filing.

"A123 is yet another example of President Obama gambling with taxpayer dollars and picking winners and losers in the green energy world," Sen. John Thune of South Dakota told the Los Angeles Times.

Attacking President Obama's support for green energy is a clear talking point for the Republicans during this election season. Mitt Romney addressed the issue often during the first presidential debate.

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