Busy Beavers and Huge Fish

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Doing research for a paper due this week, I stumbled across an interesting article published in 1974. The article described observations made by a group of scientists on a den of beavers which they claim ran on 27 hour circadian rhythm for months at a time. I went to do some more research on the validity of the claim and found no evidence supporting this journal article in the last thirty-five years, except from beaver lover blogs. The article suggested because of the extreme dark experienced in the dam, beavers set themselves to a social circadian rhythm. I thought the idea of other animals being zeitgebers was interesting, but so far, no other evidence has led to this conclusion. Somethings are just too mildly interesting to be true, ah?

I stumbled into another article this weekend while trying to find information on paddlefish. I thought this article was interesting too because so much effort was put into finding one of these fish and still no results were obtained. The Chinese paddlefish itself is pretty interesting because of the sensory rostrum, which is used passive electrical detection is long and thin, in contrast to the American broad and long rostrum. The species in heavily endangered so I doubt any research will be coming out soon or for that matter, ever regarding the function of the nose. The fish still looks pretty cool and if anyone digs up some stuff on this beast, please let me know.

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