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This past week, we did an exercise to help illustrate how to arrange plants in a border planting, and how differing textures and heights can create distinct effects. We created an axonometric drawing of the heights of the plants in their places, chosen from Best Borders by Tony Lord. It was a good learning experience to note how the arrangements interacted with each other.

We also took on the challenge of planting the southern parking lot island with wildflowers. It is a fairly large island, with trees and some grasses and wildflowers existing, and we arranged and planted several additional wildflowers in amongst the existing plants. We tried to create the natural wildflower/forest edge feel, to introduce visitors to the garden and give them the right impression, but also grouped the plants heavily so the average viewer would notice them.

This week we are to lay out at the site where the paths leading to the rose garden will be, using the plans, and we will meet with a representative from the Quapaw house- a shelter in town for battered women. We are going to design, order the plants for, and hopefully plant a new garden for the residents.

Note- there are a lot of chiggers here, wear bug spray!