Collecting LGBT Identity Data

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I move to make a recommendation to Dr. Barcelo to add sexual orienation as an optional box to check, unrelated to any categories that would indicate a link to Affirmative Action on all U of M paper and online applications.

I also move to add Transgender to the box that currently only accepts responses as Male or Female for Gender on all paper and online U of M applications.

(These movements made by Angie Nichols, UMD.)

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  • The reasoning behind this move to include is not to be put into an Affirmative Action category. Contrary, at least at UMD, our cultural groups who "check the box" are populated in People Soft, and Directors who work with specific groups know who their enrolled population is each year. - From Angie's email dated 3/31/10 9:46a

  • David, exactly. A "student group" is set up in People Soft. With a student's permission, this allows me to track their enrollment, conduct outreach, connect them to resources on campus and in the community, track their academic progress, and retention as they hopefully move toward graduation.

  • Many times in my life I have filled out a form to join an organization or obtain a service; I often wonder why they are not asking my orientation? My orientation is a very important part of how I experience the world. I want organizations to be able to collect data that will help them interact with people like me.

    By simply asking the question, we are educating all applicants that not everyone at our University is heterosexual. By asking someone to examine their orientation - for just a second - we are planting the seeds for further growth.

    However, it is important to note that all data collected in this manner will be a reflection of people who openly identify; we may need to educate some people about those who are closeted and identify themselves as heterosexual - this is also an important task.

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