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H & E in jest

I enjoyed the way Dillard descried the frog scene. To me it makes me realize that we sometimes think of nature as a poorly drawn picture by our 4th grade siblings, complete with grass a tree and a blue sky with squiggly clouds and smiling sun with a possible set of aviator sunglasses. But really it is a complex set of laws of survival. The frog doesn’t really care that it is in danger of getting its insides liquefied and sucked out. Do frogs even feel pain? I doubt it. Sorry to anyone in PETA but frogs just don’t care. Are we all just frogs waiting around until the proverbial giant water bug does the same to us?; Maybe not, it probably wasn’t a good analogy in hindsight, it’s 20/20, or so they tell me. But my real point is that Nature needs to be respected, it’s been around way longer than us and it has a plan, and it executes it with deadly precision. Annie really paints the picture well in her literary pursuits. I liked her imagery; it really reminds me of running around out near the lakes around my hometown. Nature is cruel, but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, my English teacher in 11th grade told me that after I declined a prom invitation, which I felt bad about. I think Annie presents the view that nature is a medium through which we learn more about ourselves and our certain place in this crazy world. Cycles of life and death, no matter which path we take we end in the same place, the ground. But when we just use nature as a tool we have the tendency to abuse it, we need to live in symbiosis with nature. But that’s just me and I could be wrong.

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You raise a lot of interesting points about the analogies being quite different to actual human life; i also agree with you that nature is far too complex for us to ever completey understand.

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