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Thoughts on the life of nature

To understand Thoreau's decision to live in nature to find himself one must look at nature. Nature is the essence of deliberation. No time is wasted by the fur tree. It's existence is merely to grow and die, spreading its seeds in hope of forming more trees and in time a forest to herald to its ounce meager existence. The wolf thinks not of the sunny days to come or the times to see his family and chat with friends over a game of cards. The days pass for the wolf only to hunt and breed, to feed his hunger and bolster his species' population. After a time one mimics his surroundings, adapts to the lifestyle of his environment. To be surrounded by deliberation, to sleep, live, and breath it's constant effort to survive. This encompassing lifestyle leads one to his bare essentials in life and the beautiful simplicity of life. The Village is bustling creation of man. The politics of civilization erect a barrier to the deliberation of life. Although the Village does provide man some amenities, protection from nature, care to the sick and weak. But to be pampered is only to forsake nature, to cut away its hold on man. The strong survive when protection is lost, the weak perish when nature is in control. This unforgiving tendency serves to tear man away from his wants of the world, his vises. To strip man down to his animal instincts but to free his mind from the turmoils and squabbles of life. To free the mind to contemplate the deepness of life itself. Life deceives the mind with its visage of simplicity. But when stripped down to it's skin Life shows its complexity and ultimate beauty. The life of the woods is the life of simplicity but in turn the key to complexity.


I liked the part when you described the village as the "bustling creation of man." From that discription, it is easy to see why Thoreau would want to distance himself from that. Like you said, he sees the village as a barrier to living deliberately because there are things such as schedules and politics that start to take over ones's life. In the woods, however, Thoreau can live as he pleases and at his own pace.

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