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Religion and Enviorment

It is good to see that the Christian community is mobilizing to defend nature. Although this isn't anything terribly new it is good to see that there is change. I saw Jesus Camp, a documentary on evangelical Christians, and it scared me. I know that all Christians aren't that crazy but this one Woman was teaching her kid that global warming wasn't true. Instilling anti-environment ideas into todays youth will only further the problems facing us today. Now i know Genesis and it does say God created earth. Why would a Christian think they have domain over it? It seems like there are way to many coalitions and organizations about the same issue, what is so hard about consolidating? but then again Christians have always had that problem, there are about a million different "Christian" churches. But having a view that humans rule over this earth is pretty ignorant, it is obvious that we have the power to destroy our environment but is it a good idea? I could walk out of my room, down the hall and beat the shit out of someone I know, but I don't. Firstly because it would just be mean, secondly it would destroy a relationship, and probably more than one. It's about being in good graces with the people you live with. So we should try and be in good graces with the environment we live with.

Christian Environmentalists


the whole thing about the mother telling her child that global warming isn't real sickens me. denying these ideas will just make us more ignorant to the future problems that will arise due to us.