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Righteous crusaders

In the Crichton article he made references to things that the western world pushed to change that probably didn't need to be changed at all. One example is the DDT banning. It reminds me of when people with comfort in their lives think they know what is best for people that live nothing like them. Too many people blindly follow their beliefs without regard for the real impacts of the people they are trying to "protect". in the case of DDT it was a big hoopla that DDT was causing cancer in birds, but the real issue was that DDT was helping kill disease carrying insects and aiding the fight against disease in 3rd world countries. Are people really more worried about birds than they are about fellow human beings? Without DDT millions of people die of preventable causes just because a bunch of people in America thought that it was a big crime that MAYBE DDT was thinning the shells on bird eggs. But that is just one instance. People that are well off usually think they know what is best for other people but how many of those people have lived in a grass hut in the middle of a dense jungle? Not to many I'd assume. This is usually the problem with people with fundamental beliefs, they get behind something they think is right and will never accept or listen to another point of view or even solid evidence. They blindly push for their cause without regard for the consequences of their actions. I liked his point that people have an irrational view of nature, going to the local park isn't nature. Being in the middle of the rockies without a cellphone is nature. Nature isn't forgiving, it has no respect for us and is easily capable of destroying us if we don't learn to respect it.