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March 21, 2007

Adaptation, not the movie

So the readings this week address the issue of accommodating earth. In my youth and subsequent feeling of invincibility, although most of that has vanish, i usually do things according to their pleasing factor. Most people in our culture are looking out for themselves. But if we mess with nature enough she's gonna bitch slap us back to the stone age, or possibly just one age back, hard to say really. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. There really is a message in the readings we had, we can't just abuse our habitat and expect everything to be ok, but the plain and simple is that most people just don't care to much. Let me make an analogy, probably a pretty bad one, but here it goes. The titanic, before that thing sank like a brick no one thought of putting enough lifeboats on a ship to save everyone. Kinda went by first come first serve, and then the whole thing if you were rich you were the first to come. But when it sank and a lot of people died a pretty crappy death, people started realizing they had a concious and that maybe we could throw enough boats on there to save everyone. So until nature comes out of nowhere with a right hook i don't see much change happening, which is sad but inevitable really. When has the human race done anything about something until after it kills a lot of people?

March 7, 2007

Earth's Fever

To the answer to the question of global warming is a sticky issue. There is no doubt that there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and it is obviously due to human industry. The second article of the readings was arguing that the average surface temp. of the earth has increased. But this point isn't even debated by the majority of the scientific community. I don't know many people that think that the carbon content of the atmosphere hasn't increased or that the avg. temp isn't up a half degree or two. But what the real issue should be and what i don't think is being talked about enough is the real effect that this temperature increase will have. Oreskes barely touches the issue, but Lindzen claims that the experts he has talked to say that the earth and the human population could readily adapt to a change of 1-2 degrees of temperature increase. Even if the carbon dioxide levels doubled in the upcoming years how much would our avg surface temperature increase? The current models for these extrapolations can't be seen as truth. Even some of the models, according to Lindzen, can't even correctly predict what has already happened. Global Warming is happening but what is the impact going to be on our population? Can we do anything to seriously curve the trend? Our climate isn't a simple matter and trying to understand it is a mammoth task. The global warming debate, in my opinion, should move away from proving temperature increase but focusing on its impact on human civilization.

March 1, 2007

The Grizzly Man

Pretty nuts guy, but it was really cool how those foxes just chilled with him. I liked what that native guy said, we don't go into their territory and they don't go into ours. That made the most sense to me, you can't really just go live with Grizzlys or eventually you will get killed. And i guess that is what he wanted, I don't know what good came out of what he did but he felt it was his calling. I do think that it was a very religious experience for him, He said the bears had rescued him from alcoholism like they had a spiritual power over him. He wanted to become the bears but it isn't possible, just as much as a bear could be a human. We are all different animals and have our different places in the environment. He had developed some pretty amazing social skills around the bears, Being able to get that close to them and making them move away from him. But it was only a matter of time until one had enough or just didn't care anymore. The views of Alaska were awesome, I would love to go camping there but not really hang out with bears anytime soon.

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