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Adaptation, not the movie

So the readings this week address the issue of accommodating earth. In my youth and subsequent feeling of invincibility, although most of that has vanish, i usually do things according to their pleasing factor. Most people in our culture are looking out for themselves. But if we mess with nature enough she's gonna bitch slap us back to the stone age, or possibly just one age back, hard to say really. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. There really is a message in the readings we had, we can't just abuse our habitat and expect everything to be ok, but the plain and simple is that most people just don't care to much. Let me make an analogy, probably a pretty bad one, but here it goes. The titanic, before that thing sank like a brick no one thought of putting enough lifeboats on a ship to save everyone. Kinda went by first come first serve, and then the whole thing if you were rich you were the first to come. But when it sank and a lot of people died a pretty crappy death, people started realizing they had a concious and that maybe we could throw enough boats on there to save everyone. So until nature comes out of nowhere with a right hook i don't see much change happening, which is sad but inevitable really. When has the human race done anything about something until after it kills a lot of people?