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The Grizzly Man

Pretty nuts guy, but it was really cool how those foxes just chilled with him. I liked what that native guy said, we don't go into their territory and they don't go into ours. That made the most sense to me, you can't really just go live with Grizzlys or eventually you will get killed. And i guess that is what he wanted, I don't know what good came out of what he did but he felt it was his calling. I do think that it was a very religious experience for him, He said the bears had rescued him from alcoholism like they had a spiritual power over him. He wanted to become the bears but it isn't possible, just as much as a bear could be a human. We are all different animals and have our different places in the environment. He had developed some pretty amazing social skills around the bears, Being able to get that close to them and making them move away from him. But it was only a matter of time until one had enough or just didn't care anymore. The views of Alaska were awesome, I would love to go camping there but not really hang out with bears anytime soon.

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You're right he was pretty nutz - with a "z" at the end I'd say. I like how you mentioned the religious aspect and how the bears had a spiritual hold over him. Whatever he was doing out there it wasn't normal - even in the environmentalist community. He seems to be a completely unique brand of environmentalist.