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April 25, 2007

Idealism or realism?

Sure we all want to believe we can all change for the better and that everyone can have a heart and help each other out. But the realism is that we haven't changed the way we act since the dawn of man. We are all in college not for the benefit of society but so we can work jobs we are interested in, make enough money to live comfortably. None of us want to work at McD's the rest of our lives. Our actions are determined by self interest. Man by nature is greedy, if it were possible to change than maybe communism would have worked but as we can see, it didn't do so hot. If we want people to change there has to be something in it for them, and for most people that something has to be have real value, not emotional value. We need to appeal to self-interest to breed motivation. Instill morality behind the movement so that it sustains itself into the future. To think we can get the world to change on morals than we are just hurting our own progress, people living paycheck to paycheck in an old beaten down apartment in a nowhere end of town don't care about the beauty of the woods and what might happen if we cut them down, they care about their next meal and if they can live through a medical bill. Appeal to man's innate being and plant a seed to grow into the morality of our minds.

April 20, 2007

Women seem pretty mad

Maybe men do treat women and nature in the same fashion, but i didn't really like how it was approached in the text. Seemed like a feminist rant blaming men for all the problems. It is like as if men are out to screw everyone over, feminist seem to just rag on men all the time but when men rag on women they are terrible people. I don't enjoy the double-standard out there when it comes to this subject. It is to much of a generalization to say that men treat nature and women the same. Women drive cars, use electricity, do pretty much everything men do when it comes to environmental destruction. Why even try and throw blame around and just deal with the problems as a unified race and not two sexes.

April 11, 2007


A sharp-peaked mountain towers above, painted green by the forest clothing it's sides. A dark blue river widens as it rushes recklessly down the mountain and into the valley, falling off cliffs and tumbling down the rocks. The air is warm, not the oppressive heat of a mid-august afternoon, but the type of warm that is just right for a t-shirt and shorts. The wildlife go about their business with no concern for my observing eyes. I sit on a knoll and watch as water tumbles down the side of a cliff and into a crystal clear pool at the foot of the drop.

April 6, 2007

Olson's sanity

Olson suggests that a connection with nature stabilizes us mentally. Part of me sees truth in this, sitting on green grass watching the clouds go by or just chilling out by a river is extremely relaxing and centering. When we are surrounded by concrete and steel all day and don't see what we come from it can be hard on the mind. We live by a man-mad schedule and push ourselves to hard. Before civilization we lived by ours needs, hunted when we were hungry, slept when we got tired. Now we sleep after we stay up to late doing calc homework which fries our minds and then wake up to early to a buzzing alarm clock to go to chem which sucks. Maybe that;s just me but id rather go to bed when it got dark and wake up with the sun. Go steal some chicken eggs for breakfast and go hunting for lunch. Just be natural and relax. But that's not to say that living natural isn't stressful, but doing things that you know are primal and not just a job or work or just class gives us meaning in life.