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I liked looking at some of the adds on Big Think Studios. I felt more connected with the ones that had to do with ocean pollution and wild fish/whales. As a scuba diver I really can't agree with these adds. I also feel that the food I eat shouldn't be altered with chemicals and hormones so some of these adds touched on these topics as well. They were inspiring and I was able to feel more connection with them than some of the others.


I liked how this was simplistic and to the point. Also, go for Wild salmon.. avoid farm raised!



I'm starting to feel a little radical with some of the things I'm talking about, but these adds really did inspire me in more than just the design sense. Cruis ships are horrible!! They dump waste into the oceans. Even worse, when the piers for them are built, coral reefs are completely desroyed and the trafic of them along with the oil pollution basically demolishes all reefs. I liked this add. I'll stop now.


color Theory response

As I read this reading, I couldn't help but think of how If I lived long ago, before the color wheel and color thoery, i wouldn't have had the same motivations Josef Albers or Louis Prang. They were artists and scientists. What I found more interesting was even after the color wheel had been established, other color theoriest created their own intreptations of the color wheel, and questioned what most wouldn't have. As a result, created something new and completely different.


I wish there was a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

Response to "The Astonish Me Problem"

I thought what I read in this pretty interesting in the sense of all the different things that were brought to my attention. I thought how they talked about essentially trying to draw people in for the sake catching their attention to sell their message or product was interesting a lot of the time what drew their attention had nothing to do at all with the product or the message. In a way I thought this was "clever" as they put it, but also deceiving. It made me think, is that what we do as designers? Do we assist/ will we assist our clients, the people who will hire us to create an advertisement for example, in deceiving the public in a way. Just a thought.


I thought that the Massive attack album box WAS "alluring" as they put it but then again there was more to the box than just being cool. They knew it would sell more albums for them if they had that feature. What is wrong with the music itself selling the albums? In a way I'm disappointed in massive attack, way to knowingly sell out.

A Finding that Inspires Me...

A lot of things inspire me as an artist and designer. The trick is to constantly have a camera around your neck to capture the inspiration, clearly this isn't always ideal. Sometimes when I have free time to kill I will try and look for things that inspire me on the web. Bizzarely I have found that reciently I have become very inspired with more interior design based things such as interesting furnature,



rug.jpg, rug2.jpg



,and all sorts of other intersting things with inspiring shapes and textures. This may have something to do with the fact that I have been looking at new places to live on my own for the first time, without roomates. I will have the oppertunity to be free and make spaces completely my own, and I think it is coming through in my art and designs as well. I have more of a freedom so to speak.

What I'd Like To Learn About Design.

One of the things I would be really interested in learing this semester has to do with somthing most artists and designers probably struggle with at some point in their career. This struggle is showing and explaining your creative process and showing your inspirations for projects. It seems like most established artists and designers have these elaborate stories that explain their work and tie it to themselves and thier pasts. I have been stuggling with making these connections in the past couple of years. I know the art and designs I make are a result of my past and my past experinces, but I struggle explaining those things to outsiders. I can't put a pin point onto my past if that makes sense. I can't specifically tell people why I created this and that piece and how it is a result of that life event. I can't even explain those things to myself, let alone others. So long story short, I'd like to learn how to tap into these skills... If I can be tought how to do that.

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