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After reading chapter 4, I realized the way my book is sending the message of the dying family farm is through the Dual narrative. One the left hand pages on in the book, there is a story of a flourishing family farm with full page images that depict the ideal family farm. Juxtaposed on the right hand pages is what has come of what used to be the family farm, with images of emptyness, death, rust, and such. One of the elements of designing the book that I'm troubled with was brought to my attention in the reading, typographic blance. I really liked the Juxtaposition in a dyptych which has been reflected in my book. I thought that the "future" face in the reading was a great example of juxtaposition. With these strong comparisons, I'm having trouble placing my text in a way that will complement the messages being send by the imagery.


I realated most to the TIMTOWTDI design method. I'm all over the place. It really depends on the mood I'm in, or the day I'm having that determines the methods I use to go about creating the framework for producing a design. This can be reflected in this project. In class on Monday we were put under pressure to create our design ideas. Fortunately this method worked for me on Monday, but many (most) days this is not the way I come up with my best ideas.

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