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Ask any designer if they're 100% satisfied with their work, and whether openly admitted or not, there's a very high chance of a negative response. That's not to say their designs aren't successful. Far from it. The statement refers more to the bane of any designers life--being overly critical--especially where self-promotional work is concerned.

What I'd Like To Learn About Design.

One of the things I would be really interested in learing this semester has to do with somthing most artists and designers probably struggle with at some point in their career. This struggle is showing and explaining your creative process and showing your inspirations for projects. It seems like most established artists and designers have these elaborate stories that explain their work and tie it to themselves and thier pasts. I have been stuggling with making these connections in the past couple of years. I know the art and designs I make are a result of my past and my past experinces, but I struggle explaining those things to outsiders. I can't put a pin point onto my past if that makes sense. I can't specifically tell people why I created this and that piece and how it is a result of that life event. I can't even explain those things to myself, let alone others. So long story short, I'd like to learn how to tap into these skills... If I can be tought how to do that.

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