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the end of my diary

Yesterday was monday.

On my final day of reflection I went to school. I drove from home 2 hours. I listened to some new music. Began to really feel somewhat normal. After school I went out for coffee with a friend. Then, I went home and began packing for my move!

Icons: a car, Music, carboard boxes.

signing off,

Diary of the life of Michaela


I think all my efforts towards recovery are begining to pay off. Today I began to feel like a human again. The whole family was home today. Spent a lot of time together. Made a trip to Costco and ate at an oriental restaurant called the Orchid. Then we had twist cones at The Drive In. Today was great.

P.S. I played Slug Bug with my family while driving. It was hilarious. I'll probably have a few bruises on my thighs tomorrow though. he he

diary of the life of Michaela

Friday is today.

Sick again, wish it was a sickness that was self induced by too much alcohol lastnight. Unfortunately not the case. Still at home at my parents. Today was a lazy day spent on the huge, comfy couch. Watched The L Word for five + hours straight. Maybe a remote control could sadly symbolize my day.

P.S. I think I've drank my body weight in Kombucha, echinacea, and assorted teas.

P.P.S. Fruit popsicles rock my world.

Diary of the life of Michaela

Today is Thursday.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010. 32 years ago today my parents were married. 11 years later I was concieved. Gross. Anyway, despite being sick as hell, I went to dinner in Minneapolis with my family to celebrate. Food was absolutely amazing, despite the failure of my tastebuds to cooperate in the ordeal.

Diary of the life of Michaela

Today is Wednesday. My day started with a visit to the doctor. This is where I became aware that I actually have a sinus and double ear infections. Now it makes sense that I've been feeling like total shit lately. Anyway, I'm headed to the twin cities area to see a ear/ nose/ throat specialist to get some sinus issues looked at. This spontanous trip back home will be a good place to ride out my sickness.


The Benadryl has got me feeling all LOOPY!

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