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poster example

Here is a poster from a band from south Dakota. My friend showed this to me and it's interesting because they used transparency paper and tape and fake blood. It's very suiting for a Halloween show. I like it because it's something you wouldn't normally see.





I ust found some illustrations that I liked and they are the best example of what my illustrations may look similar to. I have them pictured in my head and this style of hand drawn with color added is what I'm thinking. The difference between these illustrations and the ones that I'm going to work on are that mine will be more gestural and the color will look more like it was added as an after thought. So here they are...

illustrations by NIff.jpg

illustrations by Niff 2.jpg

illustrations by niff 3.jpg

illustrations by niff 4.jpg

illustrations by niff 5.jpg

illustrations by niff 6.jpg

Link to more works

weekly inspirations- FREE FRIDAY FONTS

I was just checking out a design inspiration blog and found they post free fonts every friday. Just thought it would be helpful for everyone and thought I'd post it. This was nice for me to find because I have been getting bored with some of the fonts I own and have been looking around for some tasteful, free fonts.




I liked looking at some of the adds on Big Think Studios. I felt more connected with the ones that had to do with ocean pollution and wild fish/whales. As a scuba diver I really can't agree with these adds. I also feel that the food I eat shouldn't be altered with chemicals and hormones so some of these adds touched on these topics as well. They were inspiring and I was able to feel more connection with them than some of the others.


I liked how this was simplistic and to the point. Also, go for Wild salmon.. avoid farm raised!



I'm starting to feel a little radical with some of the things I'm talking about, but these adds really did inspire me in more than just the design sense. Cruis ships are horrible!! They dump waste into the oceans. Even worse, when the piers for them are built, coral reefs are completely desroyed and the trafic of them along with the oil pollution basically demolishes all reefs. I liked this add. I'll stop now.


A Finding that Inspires Me...

A lot of things inspire me as an artist and designer. The trick is to constantly have a camera around your neck to capture the inspiration, clearly this isn't always ideal. Sometimes when I have free time to kill I will try and look for things that inspire me on the web. Bizzarely I have found that reciently I have become very inspired with more interior design based things such as interesting furnature,



rug.jpg, rug2.jpg



,and all sorts of other intersting things with inspiring shapes and textures. This may have something to do with the fact that I have been looking at new places to live on my own for the first time, without roomates. I will have the oppertunity to be free and make spaces completely my own, and I think it is coming through in my art and designs as well. I have more of a freedom so to speak.

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