Custom Functions

Introduced in version 7, Custom Functions add a whole new dimension of power and elegance to your database. You can write them yourself but chances are someone has already done the work for you. If you're trying to calculate the number of business days between two dates, there's a function for that. If you need to spell out a number for your check-writing solution, there's a function for that.

There are tons of custom functions out there. What follows is a curated list of the handiest ones. Use the comment section to submit your own. Brian Dunning maintains the largest library of custom functions. Use the field below to search his collection. Not sure how to implement it? Read, How Do I Use a Custom Function?


A great way to calculate due dates avoiding weekends, holidays, and furlough days. Get it!


Remove leading and trailing white space (including spacing, tabs and returns) from a text string. This is great for building a full name out of first and last name fields. Get it!


Here's is an easy way to pull a specific line of text out of a field with data separated by carriage returns. It's great for performing operations on each value in a value list. Get it!


Format timestamps for display using codes standard in PHP. Get it!


Does the opposite of the built in FilterValues. Saved me hours comparing data between two spreadsheets. Get it!