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Support Tickets

Submitted by: Sonja Froyen, Office of International Programs

We're an IT department of three, plus two student workers. We support a approximately 150 users in five units scattered across campus. We built this database to track requests for technical support:

Screenshot of FileMaker database

Users submit tickets using a simple web form. They can browse past tickets and add notes to open tickets. As IT staff, we also have a web interface to manage tickets: List of open tickets on a web page

Then we created an iPhone app (well, we spoofed and iPhone app). It appears as a button on our iPod Touches:

Home on an iPhone showing button for Support Tickets application

We can browse open tickets...

List of IT staff for the Office of International Programs with link to their open ticketsList of open tickets for Christopher

...assign new tickets and add notes to tickets:

Detail information about a ticketText box where user can add a note to a ticket