Job Description

  1. Code, test, and implement web initiatives and solutions in coordination with office systems plans. Work with the OIP IT Manager to plan, test and implement database solutions for both client-server and web application. (40%)
  2. Though I have no shining examples of a complete web initiative based on the new templates, I've been laying a solid foundation for rapid development in the near future.
  3. Research, test, and implement new technologies that will aid in functionality of the LAC website. (20%)
  4. The new technology I'm working on is a database backend to the website. We're still in the research and planning phases. I've launched other initiatives intended to aid in functionality that aren't so much new technologies as scrubbing what we've got. I'm cleaning up the code, the rewriting the css, updating the information architecture, improving the navigation and bringing order to the back-end.
  5. Perform project work, website updates, internal consulting, server administration and staff training on web-related technologies. (15%)
  6. I have several small web projects completed with more on the way. Along with Jeremy, I trained staff on Contribute. I'm demonstrating how to use blogs to collaborate.
  7. Work singularly and with staff to determine functional specifications for additions and/or enhancements to reports or web sites. (15%)
  8. I've been working hard to bring a project management methodology to my work. Most projects now begin with written statements of work, including functional specifications.
  9. Document solutions and position procedures. (5%)
  10. Many solutions are launched with a companion online help system. I'm also working on new process flows for getting content on the website.
  11. Assist in various administrative duties and other learning abroad projects. (5%)
  12. I'm willing to pitch in wherever I'm needed.