Project Round-Up

External Funding
Objective: Update the current online searchable database. Update the underlying technology from CDML to PHP. Update the FileMaker back-end so staff can use it to manage content.
Status: Slipped a little. I revised the schedule, compressing some tasks to maintain our mid-May go-live date. Currently I'm working on coding the php pages.
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SPD (Searchable Program Database)
Objective: Create a web interface where users can search programs.
Status: I'm working on a new configuration to the program minisites that's database-friendly.
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Lib Ed Website
Objective: Update the current Liberal Education Requirements online database. Update the underlying technology from Instant Web Publishing to PHP, improve navigation, add functionality, enhance the look and feel by embedding it within the LAC web template.
Status: Resurrected! Back on track with a few changes. Emily is now my main contact with Sarah G stepping back to work on Peoplesoft. The project itself has changed too. Now it needs to accommodate two sets of requirements. I'm working on a revised project plan.

Publication Order Form
Objective: Create an online order form where the university community and outside institutions can request Learning Abroad publications.
Status: Christopher successfully set up a two-server testing environment and was working on the live version when he was swallowed by Peoplesoft. We'll check his availability June 1.

Curriculum Integration Database
Objective: Make changes per Mandi.
Status: Not started. I estimate 5-10 hours to complete.
Deadline: May 22, 2009

Incident Abroad Database
Objective: Make changes per Stacey.
Status: Not started. I estimate 10-15 hours to complete.
Deadline: May 29, 2009

Confucius Institute Online Catalog
Objective: Create an online catalog based on the assets in the Lending Library Database.
Status: Under consideration.

China Center Database
Objective: Update their current database look and functionality
Status: Under consideration.

Orientation Online Registration
Objective: Create a way for students to sign up for an orientation online.
Status: Under consideration.