Submit a Course for Approval

Submit a course for review process flow
  1. Let's say the user doesn't find a course among the approved courses so she submits a course for approval. She authenticates before landing this page. Fields on this page include:
    • First Name: Required, auto-populated
    • Last Name: Required, auto-populated
    • Email: Required, auto-populated, valid format
    • Course Title: Required
    • Program City: Required, pop-up list of cities from Peoplesoft plus "Varies"
    • Program Country: Required, pop-up list of countries from Peoplesoft plus "Varies"
    • Sponsor: Required, pop-up list of sponsors from Peoplesoft plus "Varies"
    • Institution Abroad: Pop-up list of institutions from Peoplesoft?
    • Course Description: Required, transformed to sentence case on input
    • Course Number:
    • Course URL: valid format
    • Academic Year: Required, pop-up list of academic years going forward and back several years; a sensible default value
    • Notes:
  2. The application runs validations, transformations and creates a record in the database.
  3. Because the form is strict, the user is allowed to save her course for submission at a later time. The application skips any validations and transformations and creates a record in the database.
  4. The user gets a confirmation message appropriate to whether she saved or submitted. Also on this page are links to likely next steps, including #5.
  5. A list of all courses a user has submitted and their current status.
  6. If the user submits for approval, she gets a confirmation email.
  7. If the user submits for approval, an email alert is sent to the reviewer.