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Submit new ticket workflow for users

Users: Submit New Ticket

Users link to this page from the OIP Technology Knowledge Base. The page requires authentication via CAH. The form will automatically populate their internet ID.

Users: Track Tickets

After submitting a ticket, users are conducted to the My Tickets page displaying a list of all their tickets by status and date submitted. On the detail page they can do two things: withdraw the ticket or add to the notes. When adding a note, the user has the option to have the note sent as as an email to others. Emails will have a link back to the ticket. Our workflow will encourage everyone to use the notes section rather than corresponding directly via email. This way all information regarding the ticket is in a single, central, accessible location.

Track tickets workflow for users

IT Staff: Track Tickets

The audience for this interface is exactly 3 people who all happen to have iPod Touches — Christopher, Patrick and Soni. We three are often in meetings or away from our computers and phones and cannot conveniently launch FileMaker, check email or log into a web site. The mobile interface gives just enough functionality to keep tickets moving through the pipeline. These functions can be performed discreetly while sitting in a meeting, working remotely or walking across campus. Behind CAH? Not sure yet but probably yes.

The first function is adding a note to a ticket. It will work the same as described above including the option to have the note sent as an email.

Track tickets on iPhone workflow for IT staff

IT Staff: Assign Tickets

A quick and effective way to triage tickets as they come in is an important element of good technical support. So the second function in the mobile interface is the ability to assign new tickets. This interface gives IT staff an easy way to dispatch others to work on a ticket. The assignee is automatically sent an email notification.

Assign tickets on iPhone workflow for IT staff

The mobile interface does not attempt to deliver the same functionality as the full web site or the back-end database. It will only show open tickets and will group them by assignee. There's no ability to search, close or edit the ticket. The mobile interface focuses solely on keeping the ticket moving while key staff are away from their desk.

IT Staff and Students: Track Tickets

These next two workflows describe the web interface for IT staff and their student workers. In addition to assigning a ticket and adding a note, IT can close tickets and edit other information about the ticket. IT can also search and access closed tickets. The intention of the web interface is to give IT tools to manage and solve tickets when they're in the field.

Track tickets workflow for IT staff Search tickets workflow for IT staff

IT Staff: Database Interface

The database interface is meant to be used by IT staff only. The database delivers all the functionality of the web and mobile interfaces plus allows more robust searching and reporting.


process for searching for and editing languages

Searching and Editing

This will be the process for searching and editing languages. Users will have the option of using a simple or advanced search page — the advanced featuring more fields to search by. Data on every search will be recorded in a database. Users must include an email address when submitting an edit. A confirming email will be sent to the email address upon submit. Edits won't be live until a CARLA staff member reviews them.

process for submitting a new language


This will be the process for submitting new languages. Users must include an email address when submitting a new language. A confirming email will be sent to the email address upon submit.

We may incorporate CAPTCHA to reduce spam entries. An auto-generated list of languages will be available to help users search for languages they may not know how to spell.

Creating Mobile Friendly Web Pages

In the UTTC's Mobile-Friendly Web Pages. Check out will check and validate your site for mobile devices. also

Good mobile-friendly design:

  • one-column layout
  • light on graphics
  • only most current, relevant info, mostly links to landing pages with content

Do Nothing Sort of. Make sure you have valid XHTML and are using semantic XHTML and presentation technologies like CSS.

Use Mobile CSS Get rid of images over 200 pixels wide by putting them in the presentation layer. Opera mini and Mobile Safari ignore the handheld media type and go right to screen, grrr. Always always always assign a media type to style sheet. Avoid fixed-width measurements like pixels. ems are good. Pad on the top and bottom, not left and right. wc3 has script that will comb your stylesheet for mobile unfriendly commands. in general, mobile-web browsers have trouble with:

  • background-images
  • display
  • padding and margins
  • float
  • positioning

Create a mobile site One benefit is you can maintain different description and keyword meta tags. Best to limit title to 16 characters. WAP 2.0 doesn't do cookies.

Browser Agent Detection If you go this route, consider giving users a path to toggle between sites.

Tomorrow: One Web Policy, Multiple Device Delivery, Mobile today, tomorrow television, text messaging, audio services like goog411, "The internet isn't the desktop, the internet is my content." Amen.

Professional Dev: Networking

Career Development: Looking inward, looking outward, going forward.

Top 3 things important to me in making a job change.

  • career development - a promotional path
  • salary and benefits
  • nature of the work

Positions with grant funding can be unstable. Keep informed where the money and grants are flowing. Do I say it? Follow the money.

Think about how you stand out in a field where there are lots with the same qualifications. HR people prefer referred resumes rather than unknown.

Note to self:

  • What's the tag cloud of my resume look like?
  • Update my professional development entry.

People want to be able to help you. Let them know how. People are flattered to be asked to give an informational interview. People love to talk about themselves and give advice.

Networking Examples

  • Attend seminars or workshops hosted by the department
  • Subscribe to and read department newsletters.
  • Join associations.


Hi, my name is Sonja Froyen. So and so suggested I contact you because I'm interested in bla and you have a lot of experience in bla.

Currently I'm working in the Office of International Programs as a FileMaker, PHP and web developer with a dash of project management. I've been working in FileMaker since version 2 and have kept up my skills as the software moved to the web. I recently completed a mini masters in Project Management from the University of St Thomas and since then, bring a project management rigor to all my projects.

My strengths as a developer are not simply knowing the tools really well, which I do. It's pulling them together in ways that not only satisfy the business objectives but delight the end user. I'm easy to work with, always looking for ways to improve, curious about new technologies, and a stickler for details and deadlines.

I would love to learn more about opportunities at ______ and how someone with my skills may fit in.

30 Second Infomercial:

Hi, I'm Soni. I'm a geek. I build database and web solutions that users actually like! I'm schooled in project management, easy to work with and constantly expanding my skills.

Three things I will do to expand my network.

  1. Attend MinneBar on Saturday and make a point of meeting people.
  2. Explore getting a minor in Sustainability by getting department materials.
  3. Connect to people on LinkedIn.

Meeting with Distributed Education

When solving a problem, forget about the technology and list your objectives. Then research what technology best meets those objectives. Don't hunt for an excuse to use cool new tech. Guilty.


  • Supports multiple audio but there's latency.
  • Recorded sessions can only be used as recorded. You can't edit, insert, remove or repurpose.
  • Did you know you can do polls on UMConnect? Great for getting a sense of where your audience is at.
  • You can use the directed chat window but it's not super secure. What if the person you chat is sharing their screen to the group?
  • You can share presenter role.
  • You don't need fancy equipment - though an inexpensive headset is recommended to keep feedback at a minimum.
  • The presenter drives how the screen appears to the audience.

If bandwidth is an issue...

  • Preload presentations to reduce file size and speed up downloads.
  • Skip the video and substitute a still picture.

Skype is limited to a small number of connections - good for small collaborations but not webinars.

Consider building up to your live presentation with asynchronous reading and discussion on Moodle.

Remember, nothing is free. It's "centrally subsidized."

Link to video services UMConnect web conferencing support.

Peoplesoft Meeting

Checklist set up training to be done one-on-one with the ea centers. everyone with correction mode access. will be hands-on.

2800 records conflict with what "the system" thinks student type is. Non UofM students who appear to be students because of the program plan.

Tackle it in chunks. Start by repairing the employee ones, adjust for effective date on the status date, rerun the report and see what's left and what rules we can apply.

Check Butler Argentina for YLAA. Three tracks, two have different locations, one has no location. No terms attached? Putting in a PFM. Check MSID Equador.

Who owns the contact page? LAC? OIP? Marketing? IT?