Creating Mobile Friendly Web Pages

In the UTTC's Mobile-Friendly Web Pages. Check out will check and validate your site for mobile devices. also

Good mobile-friendly design:

  • one-column layout
  • light on graphics
  • only most current, relevant info, mostly links to landing pages with content

Do Nothing Sort of. Make sure you have valid XHTML and are using semantic XHTML and presentation technologies like CSS.

Use Mobile CSS Get rid of images over 200 pixels wide by putting them in the presentation layer. Opera mini and Mobile Safari ignore the handheld media type and go right to screen, grrr. Always always always assign a media type to style sheet. Avoid fixed-width measurements like pixels. ems are good. Pad on the top and bottom, not left and right. wc3 has script that will comb your stylesheet for mobile unfriendly commands. in general, mobile-web browsers have trouble with:

  • background-images
  • display
  • padding and margins
  • float
  • positioning

Create a mobile site One benefit is you can maintain different description and keyword meta tags. Best to limit title to 16 characters. WAP 2.0 doesn't do cookies.

Browser Agent Detection If you go this route, consider giving users a path to toggle between sites.

Tomorrow: One Web Policy, Multiple Device Delivery, Mobile today, tomorrow television, text messaging, audio services like goog411, "The internet isn't the desktop, the internet is my content." Amen.